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Are you ready to find your perfect mate?

There's no question, finding true, lasting love, can be difficult. 

The Frog Whisperer is designed to help you find love with a simple, 3 step approach. It's not about controlling the frogs (people that you date) it's about the "vibe" that you are putting out to prospective partners. 

When you take the steps to get clear on what you want, and be the most confident (and happy) version of yourself, you will be on your way to finding that perfect person.

Ready, Set, Leap!

  • In the READY phase, we get crystal clear on what our perfect life looks like and the qualities of the partner we desire.
  • In SET, we take the steps to move into the best, most fabulous version of ourselves possible. 
  • And then, we're ready to LEAP, which is get out onto the dating scene.

Author, Jane Atkinson has been there, done that, and has the frog memoirs documented!  Her Frog characters (The Woodman, The Suit, The Ballplayer, The Fish Monger) all taught her many great lessons.

Now, happily married, Jane turns those hard learned lessons into a formula for success so that others don't have to wait 43 years for their turn at happiness and a fulfilling relationship.

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